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What I thought would be a good day...

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didn't go the way I planned.  I woke up this morning in a good mood, then I go outside and my mom is ignoring me even when I say "good morning" then she says to me "we need to talk in the house".  She was pissed because when I came home from work last night I sat on the porch outside with my dad and had a drink.  Let's not forget the fact that I'm 21 and I'm allowed to drink legally.  She said I shouldn't have to drink after coming home from a stressful day and work.  That it was an excuse to drink, and that I was sounding like an alcoholic.  It was so uncalled for and really pissed me off.  Just because my father's mother and brother are alcoholics doesn't mean that I will become one.  If I was an alcoholic I would have been drinking way before I was 21 and every night getting piss drunk.  I don't come home everyday going "God I need a drink or I'm not going to get through the rest of the day", I was one drink after work.  My dad comes home and smokes a cigar everyday after work, why is that ok?  I've always been a good daughter, I've never done drugs, I've never stayed out all night without telling my parents were I was, I've never stumbled into the house drunk and then refuse to go to class, I've got a 3.76 GPA.  But one stupid drink after work and I'm branded as an alcoholic, and a let down.  But yet she says to me I don't mind social drink, so if I had went out with a co-worker after work and had some drinks then drove home that would be ok.  I just can't follow her logic, I know people you go out and get plastered every night, do drugs, skip class, drive after drinking but yet that's ok with her because they are out drinking with other people (well maybe not ok with drunk driving).  So I said if I had dormed at school got piss drunk every night and didn't do my work that would be ok because I was with other people who were doing the same thing.  I just can't believe one drink set her off like that.  Then she accused me of stealing liquer out of the basement and drinking it in secret.  I HAVE NEVER IN MY LIFE DONE THAT, and that above everything else pissed me off the most.  To accuse me of sneaking into the basement when no one knew and drinking from the bottles in the bar.  I just can't believe she would say such a thing, she made it sound as if I was running into the basement to get a fix because I just couldn't control an urge to drink.  I feel like I'm under a microscope in this house and I truely wish I had dormed at school, it's too late now I'm already a senior.  But if I had the means I would move out of here in a heartbeat, because I can't stand being accused as an alcoholic for drinking one drink after work at the age of 21.
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