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Ok I didn't plan on posting anything but I had to show Rusty how to…

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Ok I didn't plan on posting anything but I had to show Rusty how to do a Lj cut so what the hell.  I finally got a new phone, after months of my old one sucking.  I couldn't send text messages it would freeze up in the middle of a word.  I had to resort to picture messages, which you know you love Rusty.  So that was always a pain in the ass.  But I got a new phone a pink razor, wooooooo.  Cept there is one problem, my number is programmed on my brothers new phone and his number is on my phone.  So now I have to wait till tonight to switch the numbers back.  But I still went about making ringtones for my new phone.  I can't part with my Gerard Butler point of no return ringtone, so I had to make a new one.  Plus I have tons of others.  Rusty you get a special one, I still have to decide which one to use.  Oh and my rabbit so almost killed himself today.  I let him run free went I get out of class, and he vanishes for like a half hour.  Then I hear scratching coming from behind the tub.  My fat rabbit somehow got behind the tub and is wedged between the wall and the tub.  Now there is no moving the tub to get to him.  I thought he was gonna die, but he managed to back his fat butt out and I pulled him out.  Crazy ass animal.  Well anyway I'm out because I have nothing else to yap about.  See ya later bitches!
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