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Totally drunk and my mom's a bitch!

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So I'm totally drunk right now let me get that out, so if anything is spelt wrong fucking deal cause it's the booze,  So my friend Sarafina is turning 20 tomorrow so she had a party at her house tonight to totally pre-game and get drunk then go into the city to a club.  I can't fucking go into the city because I have a fucking stress test and echo test tomorrow, fucking heart problem.  But I still went to her house and drank so fucking much in the hour I had to party, 8 jello shots,a bottle of something, wine, someother stuff.  Totally wasted!!  But my mom is being a bitch, ok here's the story,  My cousins got make-up on my white fucking carpet.  I told them not to fucking touch but do they listen NO!  So I mean to clean it up but I don't.  So my mom finds it tonight and totally fucking flips.  Whatever!!!  Worst is she has to pick me up from Sarafina's becuase I will not drive drunk.  So she gets there at 10:30 which is when the limo was coming for them, but then I find out it won't be there till 11, but my mom is already there and I'm drunk and talking to some cool girls I just met so I didn't walk out of the house till 10:50 and my mom called me a stupid ass because I was drunk and that it might fuck up my test.  Whatever!!  It took me a long fucking time to understand that life is to quick and to quote Rent "no day but today".  Live for the moment, and when I was out with these girls I felt alive and I felt good my depression and other issues where out of my mind.  It felt so good, I never use to be able to go out and forget about my problems till tonight.  Death always use to be on my mind, but I finally went out and acted like a 20 year old and death was no where in my mind.  It felt so fucking good.  I just wish my mom wasn'[t pissed cause that kills my good mood.  Well that's enough for now, rock on bitches!!!!  PS.  totally wanna fuck Orlando in my icon!!!!
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drunk drunk
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On September 7th, 2007 07:04 pm (UTC), _shang_da commented:
Hardcore drunk ramblings of cha cha. remind me never to yell at you when you're drunk, You could bite my head off with words.

ps: after i got off work at 2am last night, i watched the nanny and i thought of you. i thought u would enjoy that
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On September 8th, 2007 06:47 am (UTC), keechakatt commented:
PS. totally wanna fuck Orlando in my icon!!!!

Mmmm you and me both sista! ;)
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