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Stupid New York State Teacher Exams

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Ok this morning I took the 2nd of 3 New York State exams required in order to become a certified teacher.  The one today was the Social Studies content exam, however the only thing on this exam was economics and civics.  There was no history what so ever, except for maybe one question which I actually new the answer for.  This exam was ridiculous, everyone was telling me that its so hard because it had a lot of African history on it, I would have welcomed African history after I stared blankly at the first 50 questions.  I am certain I failed this exam, and the worst is you need to pay another 88 bucks to take it again.  I think the only thing I did well on was the essay, which actually has something to do with history.  The test was tough and I was not happy when I walked out.  The test should have been called the Business and Economics CST, I had no clue and it really made me feel stupid.  I could list battles, treaties, world leaders, wars; I could tell you how Empires fell, and how others came to power.  But this economics bullshit I have no clue, it really sucked.  I have a feeling I'll be taking this exam again in October. 

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