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Hey!!  So I haven't been on this website since October, I feel…

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Hey!!  So I haven't been on this website since October, I feel like updating today because I had to renew my license at the DMV and had the nastiest woman ever.   My mom tells me don't wear your glasses up there because then it will be marked on your license forever that you need glasses.  So I don't, and the woman who I first talk to was really nice, must have been a trainee they haven't broken she spirit yet, and the woman that was supervising here was a piece of work.  We get to the eye test and she goes ok read line 7 (ok there are 11 lines on the thing, 7 is really freakin small) so I'm reading it without my glasses, I didn't do that bad missed one or two.  But because I miss a few she makes me read another line, she picks 8, ok what the hell lady.  So again not too bad but I missed a few.  So the nicer lady signs off that I passed, but the nasty lady says to me "If I were you I'd go to the eye doctor because that was horrible you didn't even get 20% of it right".  I'm dying to tell this woman off, cause I really just wasn't in the mood to deal with her.  I'm sorry that your life as a supermodel didn't work out and now you have to work at the DMV you need to get off my case.  So anyway I get my stuff renewed but the bitch is still in the back giving me these looks, so once again the DMV has stood up to the stanard of being hell on earth.  Hopefully I can keep up with this again, and hopefully no more DMV stories lol.
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