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Longest two days of my life, lol.  Spent yesterday morning…

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Longest two days of my life, lol.  Spent yesterday morning emailing my evil professor back and forth, finally got her to switch my grade.  To what I have no idea, probably a B-, but hey I'll take that over a C+ anyday.  Damn whore driving me crazy.  I didn't hand in a reaction paper that she said we had to do.  I personally never heard her say a damn thing about a reaction paper but whatever I did it.  We had to write our reaction to some stupid 6 hour Symposium we were forced to attend.  It was basically my class of 19-20 year old students and 70+ year old nuns.  I was bored out of my fucking mind, and now I have to write a reaction on it.  So I basically told her it was fucking boring, but in nicer terms of course. 

Then after that crazyness I had to work from 3-6 at the Dentist office, where I chair sighted again (aka assisted on a procedure), nothing big just suction and what not.  I hate that stupid suction tube, its so big and has a long blue tip on it, kind of looks like a lightsaber, lol.  But its such a pain in the ass to use.  He was putting silver fillings in this womans mouth, and I'm think do they still do silver fillings what the hell.  That was cool to watch, cause you get fillings all the time and never know what the hell is going on in your mouth, and to watch it happen is pretty cool.  The regular fillings and silver fillings are pretty much the same thing, cept silver has one more step.  Oh and I pulled a Pirates of the Caribbean at work, or at least thats what I'm calling it.  I slit my left palm open with a knife, right through the glove everything blood everywhere the works.  I was removing a mold from a bite plate and I just slipped.  Thank God it wasn't something used on a patient cause I don't need other people's germs in my bloodstream.  So I have this huge arched cut in my palm, my hand looks like it could have been used as a hand double in Pirates 1.  Except I didn't have a hot man like Orlando bandage it up for me, I had to do it myself.  Where's a sexy British man when you need him?  He could have come over and given me first aid with those rough hands.  And I'm getting side tracked lol, back to the story.

Then after work at around 8, after talking to Matt and telling him how Pirates 3 ends (he says the ending blows and I totally agree but thats another story), I went to Emilie's house to get drunk with her and her gay friend Justin.  Who is totally Philip Seymour Hoffman from Flawless in everyway shape and form.  So anyway the 3 of use made apple and watermelon martinis and watched Sex and the City.  Then we put on Dirty Dancing just to see a young and sexy Patrick Sawyze work it in those tight pants.  I just love this guy Justin, he is just fucking fantastic.  Then I forget what else happened, too many martinis.  They only thing that sucked was I had to be at work again for 8:30, so I woke up, well I never really fell asleep and left her house at 8 to get to damn work.

I assisted on 3 procedures today, and I swear guys produce more saliva than girls because this one guy just ewwww there was so much.  I had my finger in his mouth at one point in order to hold his cheek out of the way of the drill, and yeah ewww never again.  The office was crazy, one person right after the other, I assisted on everything.  This is the first time I'm sitting down all day, and it did not help I was up drunk half the night before.  I almost passed out about every 5 minutes.  But I made my 55 bucks for the day and I'm happy.  Cause I finally have money I was basically poor 2 months ago, but I got cash now.

Oh the Dentist guy I work for basically told me to not get my education degree and just work for him full time, and be his little assistant.  Go on all this dentist lecture trips, be his like right hand promotion person (so other comestic dentists will work with him).  I don't know it sounds interesting, maybe I can grab me a rich dentist husband and just be some trophy wife, lol.  But then again I want to get my degree, everything I've done to this point in my life is to get a college degree so I can get a great job and do what I want.  I don't think I want to give up teaching to go be his assistant.  I'm not quite sure how to deal with this proposition?  I wouldn't mind doing it as a side thing, during the summer vacations, and whatnot.  But I don't want to make a career out of it.  Very confusing, I have to think about it.  He never even told me how much I would make, that would be a big factor for sure.  I need to thing about this, its so confusing.
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On May 12th, 2007 09:21 pm (UTC), jinxeh13 commented:
Haha, when you goo see PotC 3 you can hold up your hand and claim it's part of your costume, in rememberance of the first movie. :p

I don't know what I'd do if I was in your shoes, I really don't. Unlike you, I really have no drive to obtain any sort of degree (I'm basically in college against my will, which sucks) so I'd take the job, but I'm not you. Education's important, but so is a good job. Just go with what feels right, I guess. o.0
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On May 13th, 2007 03:45 pm (UTC), keechakatt replied:
Except I didn't have a hot man like Orlando bandage it up for me....

You got side tracked? LOL...My brain left the building with thoughts of that.

I'm glad you have your grade changed. :)
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On May 13th, 2007 04:44 am (UTC), em05187 commented:
well im glad you got your grade changed!!! and hahahha last night was so much fun, look at the myspace comment i left you...it was good times...i knew you would love justin. ohh patrick swayze.
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On May 13th, 2007 09:56 pm (UTC), _shang_da commented:
Oh God, why would u want pansy Orlando....it could be Geoffrey, I kept trying to convince people this weekend that Geoffrey full frontal isnt bad, lol. pure crazyness. You're lucky u weren't there. there were these two turkeys that kept wandering around and would come right up to u, apparaently its the end of their mating season, so they were more aggressive than usual, lol.

NOOO, u cant be a dentist, who would be my crazy history teacher counterpart, showing movies like Quills or Kingdom of Heaven and then telling her students to ask me about it, like Orlando's nipples.
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